Community Projects

GYEP is focused on creating a sustainable community. Community projects allow GYEP to expand its reach, provide alternatives to crime and create opportunity for local residents to generate income. The profits generated are put directly back in to the community and into other projects. The money can be used for tuition fees, school supplies, running the after-school football program, or to support future income generating projects. This sustainable income generation grants access to much needed medical supplies, clean water, education, and food security which all benefit the community as a whole.

Our current projects consist of the following:

Agriculture: GYEP operates a farm outside of Nairobi and currently grows maize to sell at local markets.

Football Program: GYEP employs local coaches and staff to run the program.

Custom Handiwork: Local youth are taught how to build custom furniture, make crafts and jewelry and other miscellaneous items that can be sold at local markets.